If you’re a privacy nut, don’t use the web

People, come on people! We are living in the digital age, and if you aren’t on bored yet you need to be.

The most recent Facebook controversy deals with people being upset because their profile information was being inadvertently passed on to companies. Turns out, this wasn’t even a real issue, it was just some technical glitch.

By now everyone knows that you can easily limit the information you put on social media sights.

I think it is a very good idea to keep some information private, but I also think  everyone should take a little time to use the filters available on Facebook and other social media sites.

I once heard a professor say,

The internet is most beneficial if records are kept as public as possible. The more we limit information, the less connected you can be.

I ask the question, “What would your internet experience be like if other people in the world decided to keep things private?”

We live in a fast-paced society. We need information NOW, and we will not wait for it.

Keep the internet’s intended functionality alive; stay connected, stay informed.