Why some posts generate more feedback than others

It’s hard to estimate the power that a blog post, tweet, or Facebook status update will have on your friends and followers.

Some posts are simple:

I’m getting to bed early for the first time all week.

This is a simple subject. Everyone sleeps, and many people can relate to not getting enough. This type of post might elicit a couple likes and a short comment saying, “me too!”

Other posts address subjects that can be taken from many different points of view. These types of posts usually generate discussion and even controversy.

The post below includes a screenshot from an email that talks about a new departmental policy, eliminating the use of computers and cellphones during class.

As you can see, many people have liked and commented on it.

I’ve come up with a few reasons why certain posts elicit more comments and “likes” than others.

  1. Individual is connected to the subject.
  2. They feel passionately about the subject.
  3. Have knowledge on the subject
  4. How opinionated they are
  5. Ability to relate to the subject
  6. Popularity of person that posted the update

This explains why Lil’ Wayne can post something and get thousands of reactions to it.

The number of reactions you get on the content you post may not mean much to you, however getting reactions and engaging with people is what social networks were built for.

Pay more attention to the things you “like” and comment on. You may be surprised how often you react to an update in passing, and without giving it much thought.