Personal dues made easy

I finally had the chance to use Square this week.

I’m in charge of paying the internet/cable bill at my apartment but I have two other roommates. We split all the bills evenly and I thought, “Why not save my roommates checks and save myself the hassle of going to the bank?”

If you don’t know by now, Square is a miniature credit card reader that plugs into your smart device allowing you to accept credit card transactions anywhere. This is a wonderful tool for small business because they don’t need to buy or rent a traditional desktop card reader which is expensive and still requires a swiping fee.

I like Square because it saves me the time of going to the bank and if someone owes me money they can pay me right away instead of using the same excuses for not having cash.

There are a few negative aspects such as the 2.75 swiping fee (3.25 for key-ins) and the fact that a lot of people haven’t seen a Square in action, so when a vendor presents it to them for the first time they might be a little sketched out. It can take some convincing and explaining but usually people are understanding and EXCITED to pay.

Recently, I went to a concert at a local bar in my hometown and got to see a vendor using Square. I probably looked like a fool for gawking but I couldn’t help it. One of the bands had a merchandise shop and were using the Square for credit card customers. It was fun to watch the girl sign her name on the touch screen and hear the band member ask her where she would like the receipt sent.

What to do if you don’t have a Square device:

  1. Make sure the Square app is available on your device
  2. Go to and order your card reader for FREE (social security number is required)
  3. Link your personal or business checking account to your Square profile
  4. Spread the word to your friends
  5. Think of ways you would like to use square

Search different ways that people use Square, such as the Girl Scouts example, and get creative!