Experience Mashable in a new way

Everyones favorite tech blog recently launched a new feature that called Follow. The website hasn’t changed, but the way you get your information sure has.

Within Mashable, there are many different categories to choose from (i.g. social media, Apple, mobile and startups). How you can follow all the topics or people that you care about most — which for most people is probably a majority of the categories.

Once you create an account you have easier sharing capabilities. They do this by eliminating the previous sharing sidebar and replaced it with an “M” button.

The M button is like a master control panal. Think of it like Hootsuite — you can toggle on/off the accounts you want to share a particular story with. Sometimes you might just want to share an article with Twitter, and other times you might want to share it with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter — now it’s simple.

Double Rainbow badge

While you’re completing your profile, following different categories and inviting people to join you will inadvertantly unlock achievement badges.

From what I can tell, based on the badges I’ve unlocked, they seem to be inspired by popular viral videos.

The badges are my only criticism of Mashable Follow. I ask myself, “will people actually strive to unlock these badges or will they just laugh when they get one because of the quirky messages and cute designs?”

Laughing Baby badge

Foursquare badges are true tokens of achievement. People will hunt them down and go to great lengths to unlock the digital flare. I don’t see Mash Follow badges working the same way. Just like GetGlue, the stickers are not something to be desired, they just happen as you watch a show, or now, as you read an article.

Of course, badges are not the shining star. The main function is being able to create an account and get article updates to your inbox or through your personal RSS feed on the website.

With so many good articles to choose from, being able to filter out the ones that matter most to you is important. Usernames are going fast so get yours today and experience Mashable in a whole new way.

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