The most versatile noodle

I’m not a food expert, and this is not a food blog. I’m a cheapskate. A penny-pincher. A deal-hunter.

When most people graduate from college they begin to cook a greater percentage of their meals from home. They tend to spend more money on “nice” meals and real ingredients instead of continuing their boxed-food diet from previous years.

I’m here to tell you, Mac & Cheese might seem like a cheapie meal but it’s one of the most inexpensive and versatile dishes you can buy.

My love for the cheesy dish has become jaded over time which allowed me to discover that you can add just about anything to Mac & Cheese without compromising the outcome.

The only way you can really mess up a tasty Mac & Cheese dish is by overcooking the noodles.

This particular creation contains:

  • two packets of Taco Bell’s mild sauce
  • a healthy dash of ground cayenne pepper
  • crushed red peppers
  • shredded parmesan cheese

It’s true that at $1 a box this isn’t the highest quality meal (and it certainly isn’t the healthiest) but if you get creative enough, you can turn a standard pasta meal into a creation of your own.