Choose your apps wisely

Smartphone users are accustomed to choosing the apps they want based on the amount of internal memory available on their devices.

The space issue is even more problematic for iPhone users because their space can not be increased. If you get an 8GB iPhone, you are limited to 8GB of memory.

Android devices, however, give owners access to the inside of the phone. They come stock with a MicroSD card. This comes in handy for storing MP3 and JPEG files while leaving more room for downloadable apps.

Some apps can even be stored on the MicroSD card. This will free up additional internal memory.

Regardless of the device you use, the memory-saving tip below will help all smartphone users free up space for all their favorite apps.

TIP: Choose the apps you download wisely because some of them have a web-based counterpart.

Examples include: Weather Channel, online banking, Facebook, Quora, YouTube, Untappd and foursquare. All these apps have an equally useful website. You can bookmark these websites for quick access.

Weather Channel’s app, for example, requires 3 MB of space. Instead, go to on your phone’s browser, search for your city and bookmark the page.

Now you get the same information without wasting valuable space.