Incentive to buy album on iTunes

Nowadays, people don’t buy music in record stores. (And why should they?)

Record stores are generally funny smelling and have limited selection and availability—plus going to a store requires you to get off the couch.

iTunes offers the pre sale of albums, among many other incentives to buy online, including:

    1. Bonus tracks that are released only with the iTunes version.
    2. Ease of purchase. Login, download and listen!
    3. Sync with your iPod or iPhone and bring your music on the go.

Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto, which dropped on Monday, Oct. 24, is the most recent example of a major album releasing on iTunes.

Millions of people will buy this album on iTunes. There are, however, a few reasons to own a physical copy of this CD and others in your music collection, including:

  1. Almost any CD, when ripped, will automatically transfer the MP3 files, album art and information into your iTunes library.
  2. You can bet there is a torrent which might cause temptation to illegally rip the album.
  3. By shopping locally you will help support small shops and stimulate the local economy.

How do you prefer to purchase your music? Please share the factors that influence your buying decision in the comments section below.