WeVideo provides amateurs with quality video editing tools

YouTube has finally launched a cloud-based video editing tool to the masses.

I say cloud-based because all your projects are saved within your YouTube profile. There is no software to download, no fees and virtually no hassle.

The editing dashboard looks very similar to other programs I have used (e.g. iMovie, Camtasia, Final Cut). Compared to these other paid applications, WeVideo is severely limited, but for the purpose of adding a few post production touch-ups before publishing, it works just fine.

As you can see in the image above, the timeline has tracks for audio, video and graphics. This means you can upload video or still photos. When all your media files are uploaded you can add advanced features like the Ken Burns effect and make micro audio adjustments.

I was hesitant to use the application because I already have my preferred programs, but it doesn’t hurt to have options for when you’re in a pinch.

It didn’t take much time to get accustomed to the program thanks to my moderate to advanced video editing skills . My first WeVideo movie was only 28 seconds long and took about 30 minutes to create from beginning to end. It took a little longer because I utilized many of the advanced features.

This post is not intended to be some long drawn-out list of features, benefits, and faults of the program. The important thing to note is the implication that WeVideo will have on the average YouTuber.

The average YouTube consumer has never uploaded a video; but with ever-increasing accessibility to HD flip cameras and cellphones, I expect not only the quantity, but also the quality of the videos uploaded, to rise drastically.

This is big news for people who want to add post production effects to their videos, but don’t want to spend money on software. WeVideo turns your everyday novice YouTube user into a producer.

Obviously, another perk is the ability to work in the cloud – allowing you to edit projects from your iPad, laptop or desktop without ever having to carry a flash drive.

Consumer video has been huge for many years now, and shows like Tosh.O are dedicated solely to their mocking.

If you’ve never uploaded a video to YouTube, I suggest that you record something on you phone and give WeVideo a shot.