Main Street Square ice rink opens to the public

As a huge advocate of downtown city development, I am very excited to inform you that Main Street Square’s new ice rink is open to the public starting Thanksgiving Day.

If you’ve never been to Main Street Square, now is a perfect time to check it out.

Downtown Rapid City is a festive area right now, thanks to a blanket of white from the recent snow storm and decadent wreaths and lights hung in various locations.

The fairly large ice rink is lit by ambient light structures that change colors every so often. When it gets too cold, skaters can walk over to the ice shack and warm up with a hot chocolate. There is even a new restaurant in the Square, featuring a walk-up window.

Parking is slightly confusing, but you will want to park either on the street or on the first floor of the parking ramp located directly north of the Square.

Until now, Roosevelt Park was the best place to skate. You still have that option, of course, but why would you choose an indoor rink when you could glide around treated ice in the middle of beautiful downtown Rapid?

We are truly fortunate to have such an active downtown community and I’m pumped about Main Street Square for the beauty it adds to the community. Economically it will birth some new revenue and make the downtown area even more of a destination spot.

A major skepticism that myself, and I’m sure several others had was the low occupancy the ice rink might have. It didn’t seem like there was enough space for more than twenty people to skate at a time. After seeing the ice in place and getting a better feel for the area, it looks like the rink could hold upwards of one hundred people.

I have no doubt that this ice rink will be a success. The only pitfall it may incur is the harsh winds and subzero temperatures that subdue many winter activities. If we experience a mild winter, you can expect that many will add ice skating in Main Street Square to their winter to-do lists.