3 basic tips for the new iPhone user

New iPhone users, many of which could be making the shift from Android devices, will undoubtably have some questions about their new phone.

I’ve had the iPhone 4S for less than one month, and I’ve discovered some very helpful tips from friends and Apple forums. Here are three of the most basic things that you need to know as a new iPhone user:

1. Group related Apps into folders

Group iPhone Apps

A folder has two main functions: organize applications by category and save room on your dashboard. Put all your social media apps or games into a folder by long-pressing, then dragging, the app overtop of another one that matches the category. The folder will be created and you will be prompted to give it a name i.e. “Games.”

2. Select Applications to “kill”

Kill all running apps

Other operating systems require you to download a kill switch app. On the other hand, Apple has built this functionality right into the OS. Double-click the home key quickly and all the running applications will appear with a minus sign. You can “kill” as many or as few of these apps as you want. Tip: Kill the apps that are using your location — They will drain the battery faster than non-location apps.

3. Delete message threads

Delete SMS or IM message threads

Delete unwanted SMS threads by swiping right or left on the thread — A red “delete” button will appear. Confirm the delete and the unwanted thread will disappear from your recent messages.