Share rich media or specially tagged tweets on LinkedIn

Before I begin offering tips there is one thing you should note: There is no right or wrong when it come to social media.

It really all depends on who your audience is, how often they need to be informed and the channel in which you prefer to share with followers, connections or likes.

That being said, there is another clarification I need to make: This post is about LinkedIn. Like any other social network, the best practices and tips that we tweet and write blog posts about will likely be expired in a few weeks — slight exaggeration, of course.

Well then, let’s get on with the point – shall we?

Sharing tweets on LinkedIn
This is the Twitter sharing settings dialogue box on LinkedIn.

Under settings you will find Twitter sharing settings. This provides a place for you to publish your Twitter handle and even synchronize your feed to LinkedIn. You can either include tweets with rich media, which includes just about any tweet with a link or hashtag, or include only specially tagged tweets.

As you probably already noticed in the graphic above, including the hashtag #li will subsequently post the tweet in your LinkedIn news feed.

The LinkedIn interface might change slightly overtime, but I suspect this feature will always be in place. I didn’t bother getting into the specifics of which buttons to click in order to get to the Twitter share settings menu; you should be able to figure that much out.

Instead, I’m here to explain the value in sharing only certain tweets on LinkedIn.

Takeaway Lesson
LinkedIn is a secluded social network for your professional relationships. Therefore, it should not include every single tweet, including your foursquare check-ins at bars, banter with friends and disses on your boss. Keep it classy; be selective about which tweets feed to LinkedIn.