Army Reserve makes bad ads

I’m not much of a traditional advertising guy. I work primarily with clients on their online reputations, but I know a bad print ad when I see one.

This particular billboard en route to downtown Rapid City, SD sticks out in my mind.

Army Reserve billboard in Rapid City

Army Reserve billboard in Rapid City

I drive past this ad space known as “The Gap” more than a dozen times each week.

When I saw that the Army Reserve designed and placed a new board (probably costing them a couple grand) in the heart of print ad, USA, I had to laugh.

People are QR code crazy these days, and frankly, I don’t get it.

You would think, that being as into technology as I am, I would be all for any type of QR code placement.

That is false.

Truth is, I’ve become quite jaded to QR codes. The only reason I even scan them anymore is because I’m curious what type of landing page they will direct me to.

Some people do it right and others don’t.

I never did scan the Army Reserve billboard. Reason why? Well, you try busting out you smartphone, loading the QR app and getting a quality scan of a billboard within ten seconds.

I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m sure the ad can be scanned from the street, but you’d be more likely to pull off the feat if you were walking through The Gap on foot.

At first I thought this was the only Army Reserve ad in town. After further investigation and driving around town in the weeks to come, I realized that there are at least two other boards in town with the same awful QR code placement.

Army Reserve probably has plenty of money to spend on terrible billboard design, but couldn’t that money be better spent elsewhere?

Whomever authorized such a design was out of his or her mind.