Slow Shutter app for iPhone (Review)

Sparkler art captured by Slow Shutter camera app for iPhone.
Slow Shutter stays open for up to 15 seconds. Adjust automatic shutter speed accordingly. (Almost spelled out LOVE.)

I’m a pretty huge fan of my iPhone 4S, and an even bigger fan of the stellar 8MP camera that it comes equipped with.

My most recent app purchase was Slow Shutter, an app that does exactly as it says. Rather than a quick click, this app keeps the shutter open for up to 15 seconds. There is a built-in flash that clicks on and off which is great for situations when you need a little extra light source.

This app is great for blurring light. Examples shots include nighttime traffic shots, laser shows and fireworks.

The only problem I ran into was keeping a steady hand, especially as the shutter was open longer. For best results, keep your elbows tucked into your gut, prop the phone against something or purchase a tripod made specifically for iPhone devices.

I was lucky enough to purchase the app on a random half-off day, but even at full price, it’s still only $2 — a very fair price for a top rated app.