Coldplay lights up crowd with LED wristbands

August 11, 2012 at the Xcel Energy Center was Coldplay’s 777th live performance. It was my fifth. Chris, Jonny, Guy and Will did a phenomenal job as always.

This concert was particularly special for many reasons. One of them being that it was my first show with floor seats. Coldplay also incorporated a lot of visual elements, including LED wristbands that lit up during certain songs throughout the performance. One of the things that made the show most special was when they played Warning Sign, one of my all-time favorite Coldplay songs.

It’s almost impossible to capture a Coldplay show with any type of camera or any size crew. For a person like me, it’s difficult to put the phone away and simply enjoy the spectacle, but I tried my best to manage time behind the camera versus time being present. Here are several of the photos I took before and during the show, most of which were uploaded to Instagram after the show because of the terrible Wi-Fi signal and 3G connection in the Xcel Center.