Sprint knows when your phone dreams

If you’ve been to the movie theater recently chances are you’ve seen the promotion by Sprint that encourages audience members to shut their phones off during the show.

The ad asks the question, “When you shut your phone off does it dream?” It then prompts the audience member to text DREAM to 60602.

Normally my phone is already tucked away on silent mode by this point so I never have a need to try it. However, on my latest movie outing, I was still checking in on foursquare and getting settled so I quickly texted the number and shut my phone off.

Now, I’m not 100 percent sure if you actually need to turn your phone off. Somehow I don’t think they would be able to detect with a text message whether your phone is on or off. Either way it’s all part of the exercise.

Upon booting up your phone at the end of the show you will get a text message with a link. The screenshots below show you the exact process from start to finish. (Read the captions.)

Connect with your Facebook account.
Wait a minute while the “dream” is gathered.
Once the dream is finished playing share it with your friends.

And finally, here is what my phone dreamed while I was at the movie.

All the photos and info are pulled from your Facebook account which makes sense. Still, it’s a pretty neat concept.

More than anything this is a marketing ploy to get people to shut their phones off during the movie. I have never been the kind of person to power down my phone during a movie. Instead I prefer to keep it on silent or vibrate so that I can receive messages without it going off and bothering the other patrons.

Seriously, at $9 per ticket I would really hate to be that guy.

Give the Sprint dream thing a try next time you go out to the movies. It’s a bit strange but still a cool move by Sprint and the major theater chains to bring common decency back to the public theater space.