Google Chrome extension replaces baby photos with cute puppies

Is scrolling through your Facebook timeline a lot like visiting day care? By that I mean, do your friends and loved ones post way too many photos of their children?

I would never discourage anyone from posting photos of their children, and I hope neither would anyone else. I don’t have any kids but I can imagine that parents want to log milestones and moments with their children considering the huge role they play in their day-to-day lives.

Still, being a non-parent, it can be annoying when other people’s kids begin to take over your social feed. There is, however, a solution. Rather than griping about the unwanted chubby faces you can install, an extension for Google Chrome.

Extension is also available for Firefox browser.

The developers describe functionality of the extension …

It’s pre-set up to replace them with cats, but if you hate cats, it’s easy to change it to pugs, or girls, or whatever you’re into.

Google Chrome browser offers many useful extensions, but this one is particularly useful because everyone has a Facebook account and most people have probably complained about too many babies on their timeline at some point in time.

Here are examples of the extension in action. Enjoy!

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