Heartland Country Corn Maze: Fall 2012 cheat sheet

Harrisburg, South Dakota has served as home to the Heartland Country Corn Maze since the dawn of the new millennium.

See maze patterns since the year 2000.

Participants are given a map and an answer sheet. The goal is to find ten secret answers, all of which are marked on the map, and one unmarked “mystery” answer.

The corn maze is an unusual activity that is truly great for kids, teens and adults alike. I was able to run this year’s maze in exactly one hour with the help of my navigator.


We ran the maze during the daytime. I would expect the maze could take longer to complete at night.

View 360 panorama taken outside the corn maze admission booth.

In case you run into a pickle, here is a list of answers at each of the ten checkpoints. (Mystery answer not listed.)

  1. How many different species of owls are alive today? 162
  2. What degree angle can an owl twist its neck to turn its head without moving its shoulders? 270
  3. An acre of corn removes how many pounds of harmful greenhouse gas? 16,000
  4. What is the largest owl in North America which is 25 inches long, has a wing span of 55 inches and is sometimes called the Cat Owl? Great Horned Owl
  5. The Elf Owl which is the smallest owl weights as little as ____ ounces and measures ____ inches tall. 1.1, 5.3
  6. What percentage of all corn farms in America are family owned? 95%
  7. How many mice per year can a Barn Owl eat? 1,000
  8. A group of owls is called a ____, ____ or ____. parliament, wisdom, study
  9. How many people does a single U.S. farmers provide food for each year? 155
  10. What do owls do before eating? They prey

Of course, most of these answers could be discovered using a neat tool called Google, but I’ve come to find that places like this will ask odd questions that could have many variables. For instance, the numeral answers could vary slightly from the Wikipedia or random blog post results.

Enjoy the 2012 Heartland Country Corn Maze!

Tip: Don’t forget to follow the “Corn-Mandments.” Doing so will make for a better experience for all.


Heartland Country Corn Maze
27455 SD Hwy 11, Harrisburg, SD 57032

Located 2.5 miles East of Harrisburg, SD, then 1.5 miles south on SD Hwy. 11