WordPress 2012 in blogging annual report

Ben Lippert blog year in review

Another year in blogging will come to a close at the stroke of midnight tomorrow.

With 2012 coming to a close, all WordPress.com hosted blogs are given a year-end summary. The annual blogging report can be accessed via email (check your inbox) or from the WordPress.com dashboard.

Click here to view my blog’s annual report.

The report offers a bit of insight like total blog visits, top commenters, top keywords bringing traffic to your blog, posts that got the most views, and more. The report is private by default, but can be made public with one click.

So, how was your 2012 in blogging?

Mine has been a good one. However, posting on Loud and Clear has been slow as I have spent a great deal of time ramping up new blogs this year. (Those blogs, in case you care to visit them, are located at 4sqsodak.com, hoppenstance.com and fusedinteractive.com.)

In 2013 my goal is to spend more time blogging on Loud and Clear. Okay, I should be more specific for accountability’s sake. I would like to post once a week in 2013.

Thank you for visiting my blog this year. I hope you were able to grow and learn something from your experience. Please, if you haven’t already, subscribe to my blog so that you won’t miss a single post, and follow me on Twitter.

Cheers to you as we welcome 2013. May it be another great year of writing, reading, sharing and learning.