Track your 2013 resolutions with Clear app for iPhone

What kind of narcissist blogger would I be if I didn’t share my 2013 resolutions on the Internet? Well, I sure wouldn’t be a narcissist blogger now, would I?

With that being said, here is a list of my New Year’s resolutions.

Ben Lippert 2013 resolutions

This post, however it may be a touch more self-absorbed than most blog posts I write, is really about accountability. The major reason people break their New Year’s resolutions, or any goals for that matter, is because there is no one holding them accountable.

This is my accountability post. I’m also sharing it so I can delete the “2013” list on my Clear app.

If you haven’t tried Clear, I strongly recommend that you pay up and give it a shot. Especially if one of your resolutions is to stay organized. This app helps me stay on track by writing down thoughts and ideas that randomly pop into my head.

It works for me because I don’t usually carry a pen and paper. The neatest part is the side-swipe gesture that lets you mark to-dos off your list as you complete them.

Good luck as you complete your resolutions in the New Year, and thanks so much for reading. I will leave you with a short list of apps you can use to track your to-dos, thoughts and resolutions this year.