Words of wisdom from the Common Squirrel

Common Squirrel on Twitter (@common_squirrel) is, without a doubt, one of my best follows.

And with posts like the ones below, how could anyone disagree?

The Common Squirrel provides a comedic break from my often cluttered feed which is usually chalked full of tweets from industry leaders, news outlets and brands.

All that information can be a lot to process at times. That’s why, for me, following a fun account like the Common Squirrel comes as a great relief.

I have always been one to use Twitter as a means for information gathering. Typically it’s my go-to source for the latest news, not only in South Dakota, but across the globe.

As mindless as the Common Squirrel may seem, when stress from the inevitable information overload sets in, I can always count on it, and other light hearted accounts, to provide me with a much needed laugh.

Also see @TheAverageShark.