360 Panorama app outperforms iPhone panoramic camera function

Not too long ago, Apple released its iOS 6 update. Among many new and improved features brought with the update were improvements to the camera.

360 Panorama app

Now, with the iPhone’s built-in function allowing for 180 degree panoramic photos, many third party apps are wondering about their future, and whether or not iPhoneographers will still find their apps relevant.

I’m here to tell you, there are still other apps with relevance; one of them being 360 Panorama, an app that goes beyond the 180 degree limitation of the iPhone, allowing for full 360 degree panoramic views.

Benefits of 360 Panorama are many. One, you can easily share them across social platforms and email. But most importantly, you get a fullscreen view of the panorama with the ability to rotate left and right with your mouse as you please.

See example shots that I have personally taken with 360 Panorama by clicking the links below.

>> Mount Rushmore National Memorial

>> Lake Pactola in the Black Hills of South Dakota

>> Badlands National Park

With iOS camera, your panoramic shot is compressed into a flat image. If all you need to do is add a little dimension to your photo, then iOS can certainly get the job done. See an example taken by JL Beer of Sioux Falls. Keep in mind, with 360 Panormama app, you also have the ability to take less than 360 degree images and flatten them. So really, you don’t need to mess around with the iOS 6 camera feature at all. That is, unless you don’t want to pay for “the real deal,” 360 Panorma app.

360 Panorama is available on iOS and Android devices. Sure, it’s not free. But really, what’s a 99 cent purchase to you, anyways? I can promise, if take as many photos with your camera as I do, that it’s worth the investment.