Don’t Google it, Gizoogle it!

Variations of the phrase “Google it,” have become part of our everyday vocabulary. When a friend asks a question, rather than trying to provide an answer, in frustration you often shoot back, “Why don’t you just Google it?!”

How about next time you get the urge to say, “Google it,” instead, comeback with “Gizoogle it.”


Gizoogle is a website that translates the text from a webpage into gangsta lingo. Go to and past the URL of the webpage you want to translate; then hit the “Gizoogle Dis Shiznit” button to begin the transcription.

I can promise you, the results you get back will not provide any solutions to your questions, but they will provide plenty of laughter.

For most hilarious results, start by Gizoogling your company bio. Below is my personal bio on my company’s website before and after the Gizoogle machine translation.

Before Gizoogle

Ben believes that if you don’t have an online presence, you don’t exist. He loves social media and the web like Brick from Anchorman loves lamps. Using these channels to strengthen his personal brand and our clients’ brands is more than just a hobby, it’s a passion.

Ben enjoys coffee, music, food and traveling. His favorite social media site is foursquare, which he uses to check-in everywhere.

After Gizoogle

Ben believes dat if you aint gots a online presence, you don’t exist. Dude loves hood media n’ tha wizzy like Brick from Anchorman loves lamps. Usin these channels ta strengthen his thugged-out lil’ underground brand n’ our clients’ brandz is mo’ than just a hobby, itz a passion.

Ben enjoys coffee, beatz, chicken n’ travelin yo. His straight-up hood media joint is foursquare, which he uses ta check-in all over dis biiiatch.

And that’s Gizoogle for you. You’re welcome.