Powerful anti-smoking campaign from the CDC

We all know smoking causes health issues, but the “Tips from Smokers” campaign by the Center for Disease Control highlights just how serious those issues can be, especially if you have a preexisting condition, like diabetes (seen in Bill’s Ad).

Many a anti-smoking campaign have been launched over the years. There was the Truth campaign, which focused heavily on fear tactics, often pointing a solemn finger at Big Tobacco, urging that the industry is to blame for the deaths of thousands of people each day.

If you’ve seen of the Truth ads, you know how convincing some of them can be. They use guerrilla-type tactics in public scenarios to prove their point. (Although I’m not sure the footage is live-action, as they make it seem to be.)

The point is this: anti-smoking campaigns will always be rethought and redone. The target audience will change from teens one moment, to adults, to pregnant women. Every demographic, at some point in time, has been, or will be, subject to an anti-smoking ad.

The latest anti-smoking ads from the CDC, however, are among the best I’ve seen, as they “hit home” to a wide variety of the population’s subgroups. And they do it with honest, true-to-life—not overhyped—stories delivered by real people.

I encourage you to visit the CDC’s website for more videos in the “Tips from Smokers” campaign. I believe these ads will make even the lifelong, never-gonna-quit, smoker, think twice before lighting up again.