Boston pace

I’ve been feeling good this week, physically. So, I decided to hit the track with a couple shorter runs, even though this is supposed to be an “off” week.

Tonight, after a few laps into my five-mile run, I was feeling good, and naturally found myself picking up the pace. At mile one, I knew I was on “Boston qualifying” pace. (We’ll call it BQ for the purposes of this post.)

The pace didn’t feel rushed, so I kept it going.

I consistently hit 1:45 quarters, which is just under BQ pace, for the remainder of my run. The pace definitely felt faster than what I’m used to, but it didn’t feel overly difficult to maintain.

I finished the five miles in 35 minutes, 8 seconds, just under BQ pace for my gender/age (3:05:00). Tonight’s workout was a reminder of how much hard work it will take to someday qualify for the most prestigious road race in the country.