Resolutions for 2014

This post is a bit of a deviation from the content I normally post. With it being the new year and all, I think it’s only appropriate to make note of my resolutions for 2014. My goal in publishing these resolutions for all the Internet to see is that I will hold myself accountable and use the list as a reference should I forget what I set out to accomplish.

2013 Recap

I made a post similar to this one last year, for 2013, which included a list of resolutions I hoped to accomplish. While I didn’t meet them all, I did at least achieve the big ones.

– Instead of running 500 miles and completing a half marathon, I ran 1,000 miles and finished two full marathons. Also, I found a new hobby — running!

– I did a good job saving money until a few unexpected expenses came up and I had to drain my savings.

– I did not blog once a week on I did, however, contribute to the Sioux Falls Business Journal multiple times and worked to improve I also created a running website ( to log my training progress and archive result from races I’ve run.

– I felt like I did a good job being on time for the most part.

– Google changed up their certification process and I did not get certified in AdWords or Analytics. Maybe in 2014?

– Lastly, I failed at reading six books. I think I read one book from beginning to end. However, I started reading Runner’s World for leisure, and most months I read the publication from cover to cover.

Resolutions for 2014

This year will undoubtably be a big year for me. My (now) fiancé and I will be married on October 11. I am looking for work in Chicago, where she now lives. However, we could end up anywhere. Only time will tell where we’ll end up, but I know at least we’ll be together. My brother is also getting married, as is my fiancé’s brother and my first cousin.

My 2014 resolutions include:

  • Run a marathon in 3:16 or less
  • Run 1,500 miles
  • Adopt a dog
  • Cook more
  • Read at least 6 books on top of leisure reading (blogs/magazines)
  • New hairstyle
  • Make a new friend
  • Pay off a debt

Just as I recommended in my “2013 Resolutions” post, I would strongly urge those striving to keep their resolutions to download a to-do app, such as Clear for iPhone. I find that deconstructing major goals into several smaller tasks assists in accomplishing the overall objective.