Running goals for 2014

Having had a week to reflect on my running revitalization that was 2013, it’s now time to look ahead to the new year, set goal PRs and list out the running feats I hope to achieve in 2014.

My goals include:

• Finish 3 marathons and at least 1 half marathon.
• Accrue 1,500 miles.
• Run a marathon PR of 3:16 or better.
• Run a half marathon PR of 1:32 or better.
• Run a 5K in under 20 minutes.
• Spend more time on core, stretching, weight training and mixing in different types of workouts.
• Don’t get injured from overtraining!

What really matters

An intangible goal that I really want to focus on in 2014 is to maintain a good work/life/training balance. Logging 30+ miles per week requires a lot of time. My goal, when I’m not running or working out, is to focus on other things that are important to me.

In 2013, I was entranced by running to some degree. This year, I want to make sure there is equal balance in my life. That means I will spend as much time focusing on personal relationships, church, cooking, reading and other things that are important to a well-rounded lifestyle as I do on running.