Smashed Yurbuds

The other day, before jumping on the treadmill at my gym, I tried connecting my Yurbuds to my iPhone. Normally they connect with no issue, but today, for whatever reason, they just wouldn’t. Instead, the audio would only play out the iPhone’s speakers.

Displaying a minor tantrum, I showed my frustration by hitting them against the changing bench thinking that would loosen a wire and make them magically work. Well, it didn’t. Instead one of the headphone pieces broke completely.

This has happened before with my Yurbuds, where they would randomly not connect to my iPhone. Although that time I didn’t smash them against something in hopes that they would work. I just set them aside and tried again the next day.

That minor fit of rage will only cost me $29.99 + tax, the price a new pair of Focus Yurbuds. Lesson learned: don’t take your frustration out on your headphones if/when they don’t work. Maybe that’s just the universe’s way of saying you should go without tunes for the day.