First bout of Runner’s Knee

After only a couple steps into my 5 mile track run last week, I knew there was something wrong. With every step of my right foot, I felt a twinge in my knee.

I backed off my pace and finished the workout.

The next day, the knee was stiff, and whenever I bent it it sounded like there was a cracking/stretching/popping going on.

I did some internet research only to confirm that the symptoms I was experiencing indicated a common case of Runner’s Knee. It’s a pesky injury whose remedy asks a lot from a runner – to stop running.

Since experiencing those first symptoms, I have taken a full week off. I’ve been icing, elevating, and mixing in bike rides, pool and elliptical workouts. I also bought new training shoes, as my old ones were on the final leg of life (450+ miles).

The knee is feeling much better, but unfortunately I will still be withdrawing from the Brookings Half Marathon this weekend, mostly because I don’t feel like it’s wise to push it this early into recovery. I know, on Saturday, I would want to race the half, not merely finish it, and that could be disastrous to the speedy recovery of my knee.

So, instead of racing, I will take the weekend to relax in Chicago with my fiancé. We’re going to the Cubs vs. Cardinals game on Saturday and I’m hoping for nice weather. Go, Cubs, go!