14 memorable quotes from Digital Dealer

The 16th Digital Dealer Conference and Exposition in Atlantic City was certainly not short on inspiration. More than 100 speakers, over the course of three days, presented tactical and inspiring digital marketing ideas to hundreds of dealerships and auto marketing teams, all with the goal of helping attendees generate digital and offline marketing ideas they could take home and implement at their dealerships.

Digital Dealer 16 Atlantic City

Some talks, like that of keynote speaker Seth Godin, although not necessarily specific to the auto industry, were a good reminder that you must take risks, be remarkable, and be known for something to have any chance of success in any industry. Hearing Godin speak for the first time in person was undoubtably the highlight of the conference for me.

The second-most memorable presentation, for me, was hearing David Lewis speak Thursday morning. (He was the only presenter I saw who didn’t use PowerPoint.) Mr. Lewis told a compelling story about his first-ever car buying experience as a 23-year-old. The salesman he worked with that day made such an impact on Lewis that years later he still recalls and recites the experience in his presentations.

The gist of his presentation was that customers, when they first come to your dealership, are apprehensive and defensive. Your job as a salesman is to help them feel comfortable and let them find the car of their dreams, not pressure them into buying a car that isn’t absolutely what they want.

Now, here are 14 of the most memorable quotes I heard at Digital Dealer 16.