1 month off

For a runner there is nothing more frustrating than prolonged injury. Every day they have to come to terms with the fact that they physically cannot do the one thing they are dying to do: run.

Today, May 23rd, marks my one month absence from running.

Sure, I’ve tried running a few times during the course of my injury, to see if my knee is feeling better. But every time I do, my knee inevitably begins to hurt and it’s then that my heart sinks. With every failed attempt it plummets lower and lower because I know that means at least another week or two of rest and rehabilitation.

I discovered that my initial self diagnosis of runner’s knee was probably incorrect. The knee pain I’m experiencing is occurring on the outside of my knee, not on the patella, as is often the case with runner’s knee. Outside knee pain and the symptoms I’m experiencing indicate a far worse, all too common running injury — iliotibial band syndrome, or IT Band Syndrome (ITBS) for short.

While I don’t want to push my knee too hard, I am being aggressive in its rehabilitation. Daily icing, compression, elevation, pool workouts, biking, core and strength training are keeping me fit while strengthening my knee without putting strain on it.

My goal is to get past this injury while maintaining as much of the fitness I’ve earned over the last year and a half. I’m hoping that by June 1st I can lace up the Kayanos again for a pain-free run.