Bound and Determined

Since April of this year, I have been battling Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) in my right leg. It has, without a doubt, been the most frustrating injury I’ve had the misfortune to try to overcome.

I changed shoes, to the Altra Torin, literally the day before I began training for the Twin Cities Marathon and immediately began to notice less pain. It wasn’t until finishing a competitive half marathon at the beginning of September that I noticed the pain again.

However, I don’t believe my soreness was brought on solely from running the race. A combination of coming down with a cold and being at peak mileage the week after the race had me up against the odds.

I purchased a knee brace to (hopefully) ease the pain, but all it did was cause me to change my gait just slightly enough to put added stress on my achilles. So, now, less than two weeks before race day, my achilles is still recovering and I have no idea how my knee will react to running again. I’m staying active by biking, doing pool runs and walking a fair amount – also, I’m performing IT band stretches and doing strength training exercises for my gluts and hips.

Despite the fact my training plan is now shot to hell, I am bound and determined to run the Twin Cities Marathon. My hope is that taking time off during this “taper” period combined with continued stretching, strengthening and cross training will help me get through the race, even if I have to poke in at over 4 hours.

At this point, finishing the marathon with minimal pain and discomfort and taking much needed time off afterwards to strengthen my gluts and hips and really get back to full form is all I can wish for.

I know ITB Syndrome is a common knee injury affecting thousands of runners and multi-sport athletes and that I will overcome it. It just stinks when it happens to you.

See you two Saturdays from now, Minneapolis—fingers crossed!