My best iPhone photos

Feeling the need to capture a moment with a photo, such as my dinner before I scarf it down, is something that often comes over me. The convenience of having a camera on me at all times (my iPhone) enables this obsession. I recently came up with what I thought was a brilliant strategy: to select from the 2,700-plus photos in my camera roll, the best photos I’ve ever taken and put them on a single page on my website.

I don’t use Flickr anymore—it just wasn’t for me. Many of these select photos have been shared on Instagram, however, but I don’t think a one-time post does a good enough job showcasing my best photos. On Instagram, images are small and it can be difficult to see detail. Plus, the best photos are right alongside the everyday photos of random things I see, making it difficult for them to stand out. This is why I wanted to give them a special place all of their own.

For example, take this photo, which was taken in March 2015 at Cloud Gate in Chicago, better known by most people as “The Bean.”

While in London for my honeymoon with Megan, I snapped this shot (among many others) of Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster.

And what kind of South Dakotan would I be if I didn’t include at least one image (there are several) from my home state? I took this photo of the I-90 bridge spanning the frozen Missouri river. This spectacular structure separates East River and West River, an often hotly debated which-side-is-better topic. I crossed over this bridge countless times when traveling back and forth from Rapid City to Sioux Falls my first year out of college.

To see all of my best iPhone photos, visit the iPhoneography page of my website. You can also find the link in my Instagram bio. Thank you for checking them out!