No wonder I injured myself

Last May, I suffered a pretty serious case of runner’s knee that would end up lasting six months. It happened at a time when I was just coming off my third full marathon completion, in St. Louis, where I set a PR.

Today begins my 12-week training plan for Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, in June. I was updating my training schedule, which can be viewed here, on Google Docs, when I started to wonder, how many miles did I start my training off for St. Louis? Thanks to RunKeeper, I was able to quickly look back and discover that my first week of training was a 42-mile effort, and the week prior I had only run 18 miles.


That’s just insane—no wonder I injured myself!

For my fifth marathon, I’m doing things the right way. I will start my marathon training at 24 miles for the week, tying the most miles I’ve logged in a single week this year. I will safely and incrementally increase my mileage 10%—a Runner’s World approved strategy—for the next eight weeks, and then taper off by 25% per week the final two weeks before race week. Peak weekly mileage will end up being just over 50 miles.

I have some serious time goals I want to achieve this year and two big races already planned—the aforementioned Grandma’s Marathon in June being one of them, and the other, the Chicago Marathon in October.

With the proper training, I truly think this can be the year I run a Boston Marathon qualifying time, which is 3:05 for my age and gender.

Follow my training for the 2015 Grandma’s Marathon.