Mobile-friendly? Your site better be, Google says

Today is April 22, 2015, and if your site is still not mobile-friendly, expect to be penalized in mobile search rankings in the coming days and weeks.

Several months ago, Google issued a warning call to website proprietors everywhere saying it would update it’s algorithm on April 21 to favor mobile-friendly websites in search.

Specifically, Google will favor sites that:

  • avoid software like Flash
  • feature larger text
  • have easy-to-click links
  • are designed responsive

If the site does not meet (most of) these requirements it will likely appear lower in search results.

Google Mobilegeddon
Google ‘Mobilegeddon’, as some are calling it, occurred on April 21, when Google updated its search algorithm to officially begin favoring mobile-friendly websites.

The update makes sense. We’ve known for years how important a good mobile experience is. We also know that Google’s mission is to serve up the best results and user experience possible. We just did not know when Google would start to penalize non-mobile websites. However, now we do, and that day is today!

Mobilegeddon‘, as some are calling it, has arrived.

An easy way to tell if your site is mobile-friendly is to directly type your website address in the browser of your mobile phone. If you can find your website in an organic Google search and it’s mobile-friendly, the words “mobile-friendly” will most likely show up.

You could also plug your address into Google’s mobile-friendly tool and they will analyze it for you.