Number of McDoubles burned from running and other 2015 running stats

2015 was a big year of running for me. I competed in two races (both marathons) and PR’d in both and managed to stay injury-free the whole year.

In 2015, I burned the equivalent of 463 McDouble cheeseburgers from running.

My most significant achievement this year was running a Boston Marathon qualifying time in October at the Chicago Marathon. I won’t find out until September 2016 if my time is fast enough to actually earn a bib, as qualifying for Boston no longer means you are guaranteed to run. Entries are awarded to the fastest times within the race’s capacity. The qualifying standard to get into the 2016 Boston Marathon, for example, was 2 minutes 28 seconds faster than the actual standard in each division.

I plan on running another marathon in the spring or summer of 2016 and hopefully will improve my Boston qualifying time and secure an entry for the 2017 race.

Here are some other running stats from the year:


Number of miles run this year, or the equivalent of running from my apartment in Chicago to the southern tip of Florida.


Week spent running. 1 week, 3 hours, 21 minutes, to be exact.


McDouble cheeseburgers burned off from running.


Most miles run in a single week.


Most miles run in a single month, an average of 7.6 per day.


Days run.


Pairs of shoes worn through.


Pounds lost.


Fastest marathon and Boston qualifying time.