This is your year

A couple weeks back, I was still very undecided about what spring/summer marathon I wanted to run. I was stuck between Grandma’s Marathon and Fargo Marathon.

After much deliberation and twists of fate, Fargo Marathon was the clear winner, and I’m really excited to run!

2016 Fargo Marathon billboard
Posted by Fargo Marathon on Facebook.

The photo above is from Fargo Marathon’s Facebook page. (I am now getting notifications every time they post, so it’s impossible for me to miss something.) As the message of the billboard says, I sure hope that this is my year. My goal is to improve on my Boston qualifying time of 3:03:40 that I ran at the Chicago Marathon in October and hopefully give myself a better chance of getting into the 2017 Boston Marathon. I’m shooting for a goal time of 3:02:00.

Fargo is a flat and fast course, it starts and ends indoors, and the weather conditions in Fargo in May should be close to perfect. All these factors and a longer 14-week training plan should have me primed to run great.

I have learned from personal experience that starting out too fast is a big mistake. Last year, I was too focused on goal times and mile pace to listen to my body. I let my adrenaline take over and started out too fast in both of my 2015 marathons, which resulted in a lot of agony in the final miles at both races.

My goal this year is to have a race where I feel strong from beginning to end. 2016 is all about patience and control.