2016 Fargo Marathon Training: Week 5

Fargo Marathon Training Week 5

My goal mileage this week was 37 miles. I ran three harder workouts and two easier paced runs.

Monday, Mar. 14

I ran a 10-mile tempo run (slightly faster than marathon race pace) on the treadmill tonight. I decided to maintain the same pace the entire run, whereas in past weeks I have increased my speed as I go. Internalizing that marathon race pace is important for hitting consistent miles come race day. Unfortunately the treadmills at my gym max out at 1 hour. It then goes into cool down mode for 5 minutes before shutting off. At 9.4 miles, as expected, it shut off, so I quickly booted it back up and finished the remaining 0.6 miles. Needless to say, I hope to run my 8+ mile training runs outdoors from this point on.

Tuesday, Mar. 15

Today was weights day. I ran a 3-mile recovery run after lifting, bringing my total mileage for the week to 13. Tomorrow is speed work day, so I took it pretty easy in preparation for a hard and fast run tomorrow.

Wednesday, Mar. 16

I ran 4x one-mile repeats at 9.5 mph (6:18 pace) with 1/4 mile of active recovery between efforts today on the treadmill. Total mileage including the recovery was 5 miles. This is the same speed workout I did last week, and it definitely felt easier the second time around. It’s neat to see the growth I have made in a short period of time when I perform the same speed workout consecutive weeks. I plan on increasing the total distance of my speed work to 6 miles next week. I might switch it up to something a little more strenuous. Perhaps 3x two-mile repeats at the same pace.

Thursday, Mar. 17

I took the day off today. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Friday, Mar. 18

I woke up early this morning for a 4-mile easy run. It was a cold morning. I should do this more often to get used to going from sleeping to running; that will help prepare me for race day.

Saturday, Mar. 19

I ran 15 miles for my long run this week. I did a good job keeping my pace closer to 8:00 pace for the first 2/3 (10 miles) of the run. I kicked it up to marathon race pace for the last 1/3 (5 miles) with splits of 7:10, 7:05, 6:58, 6:55, 6:46. It was a cold morning, but I never felt cold because I dressed smart (unlike yesterday morning when I wore shorts). My hope is that it will be mid to high-40s on race day, but I’m preparing for it to be closer to 30. You never know what you might get in Fargo in the spring, but you can bet it won’t be warm.

Sunday, Mar. 20

Today was an off day. My in-laws, Brad and Sharon, came to visit this weekend. We woke up early, went to Palm Sunday service, had brunch, walked around, did some shopping, took a nap—you know, typical Sunday Funday stuff. I logged 37 miles this week, which is 3 more (9% increase) than last week. An off day before a 40-mile week next week is a good thing.

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