2016 Fargo Marathon Training: Week 7

Fargo Marathon Training Week 7

This week was the second week of 40+ miles in my Fargo training plan. The volume does not feel like too much because I have been gradually building to this point, increasing total weekly mileage by no more than ten percent (3-4 miles) each week.

Monday, Mar. 28

Today was on off day. I started my week in none other than Fargo! We spent the night here Sunday after Easter weekend to cut an hour off our trip back to Chicago. Before we left town, we stopped by Sandy’s Donuts (the downtown location) which just so happens to be right next door to the iconic Fargo Theatre. During the marathon, runners pass by the theatre around mile 22. It’s safe to say I will be thinking about the delicious Sandy’s Donuts at this point of the race no matter how much pain I might be in.

Fargo Theatre

Tuesday, Mar. 29

I ran an 11-mile tempo run on the treadmill. My pace was 8.6 mph (6:58 pace) the entire run. Knowing that the treadmill would max out after one hour, I reset the machine after eight miles and finished the final three. I am working on internalizing a 7:00 mile pace because that is what I hope to average for the first 20 miles of the actual race. The last 10K will be all out.

Wednesday, Mar. 30

I ran a 3-mile recovery run on the treadmill after lifting weights at the gym.

Thursday, Mar. 31

My speed work is usually done on Wednesdays, but since I took Monday off, it was pushed to today. I did the same speed workout as last week (1.5 miles x3 with 1/2 mile recovery between hard efforts) only this week, during the hard efforts, my pace was 6:10 versus 6:18. This workout definitely took it out of me. It was challenging. My legs felt kind of heavy, which does not bode well when you need quick leg turnover and fast strides. I just tried to focus on running tall and maintaining good breath control. 9.7 mph is FAST to sustain for a long period of time.

Friday, Apr. 1

Today was an off day. Megan and I got in a carb load at Maggiano’s.

Saturday, Apr. 2

My long run this week was one mile longer than last week’s long run, 17 miles. I did an out-and-back on Lakefront Trail. Today was easily the top-five worst conditions I have ever run in. It was very cold, windy and on top of that, on-and-off sleet made it impossible to see at times. I found myself having to occasionally duck my head on the way back to avoid being pelted by the stinging sleet. It was a character-building run, where you know if you can run in those conditions, you can run in anything.

Sunday, Apr. 3

I ran a 6-mile relaxed run. Today’s weather was basically the exact opposite of yesterday’s April snow/ice storm—except for the wind. It was sunny, warm and an all around beautiful day. Cubs baseball starts on Monday so I chose to run my Wrigley Field route, donning my new Cubs Nike running hat for the first time on a run. It was a good day to be outside. Please, Mother Nature, bring us more weather like that.

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