Ditto glitch: How to catch any Pokémon in Game Boy (RBY)

In my quest to beat the original Pokémon Game Boy game with all of the original 150 Pokémon, which took me over one year to complete, I have learned a very helpful tip along the way that helped me achieve my goal: you can catch every Pokémon in the game with whatever version you have (Red, Blue or Yellow). There is no trading necessary!

I have learned many tricks in the countless hours spent playing Pokémon for Game Boy, and without a doubt the coolest trick is this one, to catch any Pokémon—including the rare Mew—without GameShark.

Ditto glitch Pokemon Red Game Boy

To unlock this glitch, which I refer to as the Ditto glitch, there are a few steps involved. I’ll keep the process as short and simple as possible. Follow along—here we go!

Step 1: Don’t fight the hidden trainer by Nugget Bridge

In Cerulean City, as you make your way down Nugget Bridge to get the S.S. Anne ticket from Bill, you must avoid fighting the trainer hidden in the bushes to the left of Nugget Bridge. This trainer will be key to starting the glitch later on that will allow you catch any Pokémon in the game.

Step 2: Have a Pokémon that knows fly or teleport

The trickiest part of the glitch is perfecting your timing. You need to come into view of the hidden trainer so that the “!” appears above his head. At the same time you need to immediately hit the start button and choose a Pokémon who can fly or teleport to avoid the battle that was initiated when you came into the hidden trainer’s view. I suggest saving your game before you step into the trainer’s view so that you can try again (and again) if your timing is off.

Step 3: Have a Pokémon with the necessary Special stat

You may not pay attention to the stats of your Pokémon all that much, but your Pokémon’s Special stat is essential in the Ditto glitch. You must have a Pokémon in your possession that has the Special stat that aligns with the Pokémon you are trying to catch.

Ditto glitch hex chart:
1- Rhydon
2- Kangaskhan
3- Nidoran(m)
4- Clefairy
5- Spearow
6- Voltorb
7- Nidoking
8- Slowbro
9- Ivysaur
10- Exeggutor
11- Lickitung
12- Exeggcute
13- Grimer
14- Gengar
15- Nidoran(f)
16- Nidoqueen
17- Cubone
18- Rhyhorn
19- Lapras
20- Arcanine
21- Mew
22- Gyarados
23- Shellder
24- Tentacool
25- Gastly
26- Scyther
27- Blastoise
29- Pinsir
30- Tangela
33- Growlithe
34- Onix
35- Fearow
36- Pidgey
37- Slowpoke
38- Kadabra
39- Graveler
40- Chansey
41- Machoke
42- Mr. Mime
43- Hitmonlee
44- Hitmonchan
45- Arbok
46- Parasect
47- Psyduck
48- Drowzee
49- Golem
51- Magmar
52- Mankey
53- Electabuzz
54- Magneton
55- Koffing
56- Seel
59- Diglett
60- Tauros
64- Farfetch’d
65- Venonat
66- Dragonite
70- Doduo
71- Poliwag
72- Jynx
73- Moltres
74- Articuno
75- Zapdos
76- Ditto
77- Meowth
78- Krabby
82- Vulpix
83- Ninetales
84- Pikachu
85- Raichu
88- Dratini
89- Dragonair
90- Kabuto
91- Kabutops
92- Horsea
93- Seadra
96- Sandshrew
97- Sandslash
98- Omanyte
99- Omastar
100- Jigglypuff
101- Wigglytuff
102- Eevee
103- Flareon
104- Jolteon
105- Vaporeon
106- Machop
107- Zubat
108- Ekans
109- Paras
110- Poliwhirl
111- Poliwrath
112- Weedle
113- Kakuna
114- Beedrill
116- Dodrio
117- Primeape
118- Dugtrio
119- Venomoth
120- Dewgong
123- Caterpie
124- Metapod
125- Butterfree
126- Machamp
128- Golduck
129- Hypno
130- Golbat
131- Mewtwo
132- Snorlax
133- Magikarp
136- Muk
138- Kingler
139- Cloyster
141- Electrode
142- Clefable
143- Weezing
144- Persian
145- Marowak
147- Haunter
148- Abra
149- Alakazam
150- Pidgeotto
151- Pidgeot
152- Starmie
153- Bulbasaur
154- Venusaur
155- Tentacruel
157- Goldeen
158- Seaking
163- Ponyta
164- Rapidash
165- Rattata
166- Raticate
167- Nidorino
168- Nidorina
169- Geodude
170- Porygon
171- Aerodactyl
173- Magnemite
176- Charmander
177- Squirtle
178- Charmeleon
179- Wartortle
180- Charizard
185- Oddish
186- Gloom
187- Vileplume
188- Bellsprout
189- Weepinbell
190- Victreebel

Step 4: Find a wild Ditto

Now that you have the Pokémon with the required Special stat and you have successfully initiated the Ditto glitch by flying or teleporting out of battle with the hidden trainer in the bushes to the left of Nugget Bridge, it’s time to find a wild Ditto. I have found that the best place to encounter a wild Ditto is on route 15 (east of Fuchsia City).

The easiest way to get there is to fly, but in order to do that, you may need to fight another trainer, as your start button is most likely locked from the glitch. Fight a trainer to unlock your start button, but make sure the trainer has to walk to you. I found that if you initiate the battle, either by clicking A button on them or by walking directly in front of their path, the game will freeze. If you make them walk to you, the battle will happen without freezing up.

Beat the trainer, which will unlock your start button, allowing you to fly to Fuchsia City to catch Ditto.

Once you encounter a wild Ditto on route 15, make sure it transforms into the Pokémon with the Special stat of the Pokémon you want to catch. So, if you want to catch a Meowth, Ditto must transform into your Pokémon with the Special stat of 77.

You don’t need to faint Ditto after it transforms. You can simply run from battle.

Step 5: Head back to Nugget Bridge

You are almost there! Now, walk toward Nugget Bridge. Make sure you are armed with plenty of Poké Balls and a Pokémon that is weak enough to damage a low-level Pokémon without fainting it. As you cross over the entry point of Nugget Bridge, the start screen will randomly appear. Hit B button to close it out and suddenly you will go into battle with the wild Pokémon you wanted.

If you are still having trouble this video may help. I wish you the best of luck in your journey to “catch ’em all!”

Here is the short link to this post: http://bit.ly/Ditto-glitch