Ditto glitch: How to catch any Pokémon in Game Boy (RBY)

In my quest to beat the original Pokémon Game Boy game with all of the original 150 Pokémon, which took me over one year to complete, I have learned a very helpful tip along the way that helped me achieve my goal: you can catch every Pokémon in the game with whatever version you have (Red, Blue or Yellow). There is no trading necessary!

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Race reflection: 2016 Fargo Marathon

A couple weeks have passed since I finished the Fargo Marathon. That has given me time to reflect, recover and develop a strategy for my next race.

Photo Jun 04, 12 52 30 PM

The first couple days following the race, I thought a lot about my performance. I was initially very disappointed because my expectations were so high going into the race. My training went great and I was sure this could be the race I ran a sub 3-hour time.

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