Ditto glitch: How to catch any Pokémon in Game Boy (RBY)

In my quest to beat the original Pokémon Game Boy game with all of the original 150 Pokémon, which took me over one year to complete, I have learned a very helpful tip along the way that helped me achieve my goal: you can catch every Pokémon in the game with whatever version you have (Red, Blue or Yellow). There is no trading necessary!

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My best iPhone photos

Feeling the need to capture a moment with a photo, such as my dinner before I scarf it down, is something that often comes over me. The convenience of having a camera on me at all times (my iPhone) enables this obsession. I recently came up with what I thought was a brilliant strategy: to select from the 2,700-plus photos in my camera roll, the best photos I’ve ever taken and put them on a single page on my website.

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2015 resolutions

By now, we’re well into 2015. I had decided I wasn’t going to write a New Year’s post but here I am writing it anyway. My sudden urge to write has come, almost entirely, because of the recent overhaul to this website, my personal blog/site.

That’s right. Bueno (my old blog theme) went adiós.

It was long overdue, honestly. The theme wasn’t responsive. I installed it when I first created this blog back when I was in college.

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