Mobile-friendly? Your site better be, Google says

Today is April 22, 2015, and if your site is still not mobile-friendly, expect to be penalized in mobile search rankings in the coming days and weeks.

Several months ago, Google issued a warning call to website proprietors everywhere saying it would update it’s algorithm on April 21 to favor mobile-friendly websites in search.

Specifically, Google will favor sites that:

  • avoid software like Flash
  • feature larger text
  • have easy-to-click links
  • are designed responsive

If the site does not meet (most of) these requirements it will likely appear lower in search results.

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Edin WordPress theme: Create a custom menu for social links

Edin is the WordPress theme this blog uses.

It’s a clean, responsive, professional-looking theme and I’m so happy I installed it. There are, however, a few features the developer is not very clear on how to implement. One of them being how to setup the social container in the footer—it’s a custom menu that displays links to your social media accounts as icons.

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Google’s SERP carousel makes finding things to do, easy

Things To Do Google Search
Google Carousel screenshot (click to enlarge)

Summer is the time of year when we’re all planning vacations and looking for unique, historical and fun things to do in the cities we plan to visit.

Making its users’ reasearch much simpler, Google has rolled out a carousel for desktop (previously, I understand it was only available on tablet searches) that greatly improves the visual aesthetic for certain search queries.

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360 Panorama app outperforms iPhone panoramic camera function

Not too long ago, Apple released its iOS 6 update. Among many new and improved features brought with the update were improvements to the camera.

360 Panorama app

Now, with the iPhone’s built-in function allowing for 180 degree panoramic photos, many third party apps are wondering about their future, and whether or not iPhoneographers will still find their apps relevant.

I’m here to tell you, there are still other apps with relevance; one of them being 360 Panorama, an app that goes beyond the 180 degree limitation of the iPhone, allowing for full 360 degree panoramic views.

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