Swarm Sticker List

Find the complete Swarm sticker list, curated by Foursquare superuser Ben Lippert, below. Launched in May 2014, Swarm is the check-in side of the popular location app Foursquare. Download Swarm for iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, check-in and unlock these fun stickers today! And follow Swarm on Twitter and Facebook for company updates and new sticker releases.


Dry. Dirty. Shaken, not stirred. A few more those martinis and you’ll want to die another day.

007 Swarm sticker

16 Candles

Who doesn’t love birthdays! Remember when your friends bought you 21 shots and you woke up in a dumpster spooning a pizza box? Yeah, neither do we.

16 Candles


You know every NBA Jam cheat code, always Triple Buck, and would rather eat your quarter than use Raphael. Arcade or console, you’re always Player One.


7-10 Split

You’re cooking up one hot turkey after the next. Now crash that kid’s party, snag some cake, and sneak outta here whit those fly velcro kicks.

7-10 Split Swarm sticker

9 to 5

“Ummm… Yeeaahh… we’re gonna need to go ahead and move you downstairs into storage B.”

9 to 5 Swarm sticker


Your opponent’s shorts are way too short. They’ve been grunting like a pg all match. Shut ’em up with a 100mph ace-to-the-face. Game. Set. Match.

Ace Swarm sticker


Let this compass guide you on your journey – cause ithat old GPS is gonna lead you straight into a river. Then charge $99 for new maps to get out.

Adventurer Swarm sticker


Baggs They’re out of milk, your cart’s wheel is busted, and that lady has way more than 10 items! Here’s hoping Baggs doesn’t dump your eggs on the ground.

Apollo Swarm sticker

Back to the Future

Great Scott! It’s 10.21.15 – the day Marty McFly visited in Back to the Future! Sure they predicted FaceTime but WHERE ARE OUR HOVERBOARDS?!

Back to the Future Swarm sticker


Is that freshly baked bread and croissants you smell? Good thing you always roll with butter in your fifth pocket. That IS what it’s for, right??

Baked Swarm sticker

Bar Crawl

You’re either on a bar crawl or keep getting tossed from bars for trying to find the bouncer’s tickle spot. Whatever the case, you deserve trophy

Bar Crawl Swarm sticker

Bar Fly

That’s 10 different bars in the last month. Today, this sticker. Tomorrow…well…probably another bar. You thirsty little barfly.

Bar Fly Swarm sticker

Beach Bum

Sand in your drink, brutal sunburns, that old dude who clearly shouldn’t be wearing a Speedo. Nothing can keep you from the beach.

Beach Bum Swarm stickerBeer?

5pm or 5am. Suds McGee knows it’s always Beer O’Clock somewhere. Whatever the time, message a friend and meet up for drinks. We won’t judge.

Beer? Swarm sticker


That’s 4 nights out in a row. Congrats, you’ve won a drink of your choice! Just tell the bartender whatever you want. And then pay for it.

Bender Swarm sticker


You’re now the protector of Bessie, the last unicorn on Earth. No pressure.

Bessie Swarm sticker


Sure you swapped heart necklaces. Maybe even kissed when you were drunk. But only the Besties sticker symbolizes true friendship.

Besties Swarm sticker

Big Poppy

This sticker’s also available in IMAX 3D but it’s gonna cost you another 50 check-ins. Enjoy the show, and try to ignore those teens sucking face.

Big Poppy Swarm sticker


Whether you’re actually reading or just retreiving that flask you hid in that hollowed out novel, you’ve been spending a lot of time around books.

Bookworm Swarm sticker


Happy Halloween! Be careful, there’s a bunch of scary monsters this year — like brain-eating zombies, blood-sucking vampires, and a million Donald Trumps.

Brains Swarm sticker


You’ve mastered CoD and can run the Water Temple in your sleep. Now please, take off the headset and join us URL. Your body is ready.

Buttons Swarm sticker


Does this cabbie have any idea where he’s going? Snif Snif. And what on earth is that smell?! Was the last pessenger a giant wat dog?

Cabbie Swarm sticker

Century Club

That’s over 100 days at the same place! They should hang your photo on the wall. Seriously, if they don’t, just hang it up yourself.

Century Club Swarm sticker


That’s 3 check-ins at dessert shops! Looks like somone’s got a sweet tooth. Do us a favor, don’t delete your cookies. Eat them.

Chippy Swarm sticker


Is today the day you try something new? Layers? Bangs? Frosted Tips? Mullet? Oh, we dare you! #swarmmullet

Clippy Swarm sticker


You’ve got a seat, hot coffee and the latest Serial ready to go. Now if only… you could… untangle… these… HOW DID THEY GET SO TANGLED?!

Commuter Swarm sticker


That’s 4 different bars in the same night! YOLO, amirite? That is, unless you’re a cat. Then, YOLNT!

Crunked Swarm sticker

Dad Bod

He changed your diapers, taught you how to ride a bike, and spent years perfecting his Dad bod. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Dad Bod Swarm sticker

Dark & Swarmy

Beer makes you bloated. Wine makes you sleepy. Cocktails are classy. Order an old fashioned and channel your inner Don Draper

Dark & Swarmy Swarm sticker


Sorry to hear you’re having a crappy day. Her’s a poop sticker to cheer you up. Good thing it’s not scratch and sniff.

Deuce Swarm sticker

Do Not Disturb

You don’t get high thread count sheets without high germ-count remotes. Now go raid the mini-bar, cause that $12 Snickers never looked so good.

Do Not Disturb Swarm sticker

Dog’s Best Friend

Woof Woof! Might wanna keep this sticker on a short leash, we’re not sure it’s house trained yet.

Dog's Best Friend Swarm sticker


Congrats! Time to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly. Whatever the occasion, just remember to point that champagne cork UP.

Dom Swarm sticker


Which house deserves the throne? Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, or Baratheon? Spoiler alert: the dragons eat them all.

Dragon Swarm sticker


Uh-oh! Low battery! Thanks for sparing a little juice on this check-in. Now go find a charger so you can get back to swiping right.

Drained Swarm sticker


This isn’t the droid you’re looking for, but may the 4th be whit you anyway!

Droid Swarm sticker

Earl of Sandwich

Your 3rd check-in at sandwich shops! Now you can relish in this new sandwich sticker that really cuts the mustard. And that’s no bologna!

Earl of Sandwich Swarm sticker


NASA launches rockets. We launches stickers. Here’s to you, NASA. Keep exploring.

Endeavour Swarm sticker


When are y’all metting up? Seems like a perfect sticker to use in Swarm messages. Remember, last one at the bar buys a round.

ETA? Swarm sticker


Vikings didn’t check in on Swarm, but you sure do! 25 check-ins earned you this swet Viking helmet and you didn’t even have to settle in Greenland.

Explorer Swarm sticker

Family Ties

They’ve framed your entire life – from your first steps to that epicly awkward prom photo. Here’s one more frame to capture this Keaton family moment.

Family Ties Swarm sticker

Famous Ray

Yoga Schmoga! You know true balance comes from navigating a perfectly hot slice without burning the roof of your mouth. “Yuuuhhhmmm”

Famous Ray Swarm sticker


Wow, you unlocked a foam finger sticker for free! Nice work, ’cause the same foam finger goes for $49.99 in the team store.

Fanatic Swarm sticker


When your phone screen cracks. When Seamless is an hour late. When your Uber driver keeps making wrong turns. WHERE IS HE GOING?!

Fiery Swarm sticker


Sure. Keep telling your friends you just like riding bikes. But we all know you’re waiting to get your driver’s license back after “the incident.”

Fixie Swarm sticker

Flap Jack

Is that gum under your plate? Does Flo have syrup in her hairnet again? Who cares, this is diner life. Pancakes n’ onion rings, please!

Flap Jack Swarm sticker


10 restaurants in 30 days? You’re a real foodie! Just promise you won’t join the Yelp darkside. The Internet’s got enough useless one star reviews… 🙂

Foodie Swarm sticker

Foursquare Day

Happy 4sqDay! This sweet treat is a tiny tease of all the new game and fun to come!

Foursquare Day Swarm sticker

Frank Underwood

You’ve dethroned 3 mayors and maaaaaybe threw someone in front of a train. Take this killer scepter and keep bustin’ crowns. The Super Mayor awaits.

Frank Underwood Swarm sticker

Fried Check-in

Ummmm… we may not have tossed this entire chicken straight into the deep fryer. Whoops.

Fried Check-in Swarm sticker


You’ve checked in with 5 different friends! Time to dust off those killer mixtapes. Just make sure that last song doesn’t get cut off. Rookie move.

Friendly Swarm sticker

General Tso

Those were some sweet (and sour) check-ins! Now channel your inner General Tso and order an attack on those soup dumplings.

General Tso Swarm sticker


Get ready for 90 minutes of the world’s most beautiful game. As long as there’s no diving… or time wasting… or fans tossing bottles at players…

Gooooooal Swarm sticker


I’m just an average bird, hanging out at the end of November…nothing to see here. Wait a second! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING WITH THAT STUFFING?

Gravy Swarm sticker

Great Outdoors

Welcome to the Great Outdoors! Behold Mother Nature’s true beauty. Now if only she’d drop a double rainbow in the sky. Woooaaahh double rainbow.

Great Outdoors Swarm sticker


Here’s to hoping you’re not at a Nickelback show. Cause if so, we recommend you delete this check-in, then stage dive right into the floor.

Groupie Swarm sticker

Grumpy Cat

Between October 1-15th, every time you check in we’ll make a donation to Alley Cat Rescue to help save a kitty! Don’t be a grump; spread the word. #EveryCheckInSavesAKitten

Grumpy Cat Swarm sticker

Gym Rat

10 trips to the gym in 30 days. Well done! Pound your protein shake, grab a hot shower and wreck a 20-thousand piece McNugget. You deserve it!

Gym Rat Swarm sticker


If we had a nickel for every time you said ‘i’m never drinking again’ we’d buy you a beer. Tonight. Good luck surviving till then!

Hangover Swarm sticker

Heart Container

You see a way of saying I love you. We see 1 of 16 heart containers hidden throughout Hyrule.

Heart Container


50 shades of gray? More like 50 shades of green. Kale, sprouts, even swiss chard. Nothing’s off-limits in your salad. Except, you know, bacon.


Welcome home! Time to lose those pants and melt into your couch with a pint of cookie dough and your parents’ Netflix account. Just close the blinds.

Homie Swarm sticker


OMG! So many beers! Better go with a flight, or two, or three. But steer clear of the gift shop. Last time you bought a koozie for your growler.

Hops Swarm sticker

Hot Tamale

Rice, beans, cheese, cilantro. Why eat anything else when you can get all four food groups wrapped in one huge pound of foil? Time to guac & roll.

Hot Tamale Swarm sticker

I’m on a Boat

“This ain’t Seaworld, this is as real as is gets. I’m on a boat, M’er F’er, don’t you ever forget!”

I'm on a Boat Swarm sticker


I scream, you scream, we all scream for – WAIT! STOP EVERYTHING! IS THAT MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH?!?!?! OMFG!

iScream Swarm sticker


$50 for bags? $25 for legroom? $30 for a pillow?! At least this sticker is free. Now turn off your phone before it takes down this plane.

Jetsetter Swarm sticker

Joey Beans

Who cares if your flat white just cost ya $10 bucks. You’re getting free wi-fi! Free, extremely slow wi-fi. Drink it up.

Joey Beans Swarm sticker


Everything you own is covered in hair. Your cat has its own instagram feed. She wears hats. Plurar. Embrace it, you’re a crazy cat person

Kupo Swarm sticker

Laces Out

Ok coach. 4th and goal. Do you: Run a deep dish pizza? Pass the taco dip? Or QB sneak the last wing of shame? Just make sure your belly gets fully inflated.

Laces Out Swarm sticker

Lappy Toppy

You’re totally not reading BuzzFeed all day. Here’s a sticker for being so productive. Now back to that “Which Sticker Are You?” quiz.

Lappy Toppy Swarm sticker

Let it Ride

You always split 8’s, hate double-zero and smell like you swan in an ashtray. Ahhh, the windowless world of casinos. Let it ride n’roll them dice!

Let it Ride Swarm sticker

Life Aquatic

Ever wish you had a lobster claw for an arm? You’d have endless, regenerating lobster meat! No?! Then give us this sticker back! You don’t deserve it!

Life Aquatic Swarm sticker


That guy sees the artist’s dark and troubled past. You see a pile of cans. Admit it, you’re here for the free wine. Wait, there’s no wine in here?!

Lisa Swarm sticker


Four times in one week at the same place? Way to plant your flag and mark your territory. You must know the owner. Hook us up with some freebies!

Local Swarm sticker

Mall Rat

Now that you’ve finally got your name on rice, grab an Orange Julius and fight your way through these teenage mallrats. Wait, where’d we park the car?

Mall Rat Swarm sticker

Maxed Out

All those years playing Mall Madness are finally paying off. Here’s a black card to go with all the others you maxed out today.

Maxed Out Swarm sticker


You don’t waste your time or money in cabs. You know the fastest way around is the metro, even if it means being one with the rats.

Metro Swarm sticker

Mic Drop

We heard you Livin’ on a Player and Drop it Like it’s Hot. Impressive pipes! Now go warm up, cause we wanna hear you Roar! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.

Mic Drop Swarm sticker


Happy anniversary Mario! Here’s to 30 years of stomping goombas and collecting coins. But sadly, your princess is STILL in another castle.

Miyamoto Swarm sticker

Mr. Jitters

THATSTHREECOFEESHOPSTODAY! Maybe you should consider decaf, otherwise you’ll be up watching Carson Daly. We wouldn’t wish that on your worst enemy.

Mr. Jitters Swarm sticker


Yawn! Looks like somebody could use a cat nap. Just curl up under your desk. We’ll cover for you.

Napster Swarm sticker


Quickly tell your friend you disapprove. Or sentence him to a Gladiator’s death in the arena. Your call.

Nay Swarm sticker


Sure we got teased in school for playing games and collecting stickers. But look at us now! Playing games. And. Still. Collecting. Stickers.

Nerd Swarm sticker


Welcome to the party! Keep checking in to unlock more stickers. We promise, they’re not all hats.

Newbie Swarm sticker

Oh Hey

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Konnichiwa, this sticker.

Oh Hey Swarm sticker


10 check-ins in 12 hours! What’s next, posting a screenshot of this sticker to Instagram and Twitter? Go ahead, try it. #swarmovershare

Overshare Swarm sticker


Know what’s better than a quarter pounder with cheese? Two quarter pounders with cheese. We’ll get the defibrillator ready, you grab the ketchup.

Patty Swarm sticker

Pizza Owl

Like a majestic predator hunting in the night, you just captured the perfect prey, smothered in sauce and cheese. Well done, Pizza Owl.

Pizza Owl Swarm sticker


Brisket, ribs or pulled pork? Mac n’ cheese, mac n’ cheese, or mac n’ cheese? Better dig in before this sticker gets to the table. He’s a real pig.

Porky Swarm sticker


Holy schnitzel! Is that Hans Gruber’s Lederhosen?!

Prost! Swarm sticker

Proud Mary

Brunch. The only meal where you can get boozy with pancakes and a burger! And yes, that Bloody Mary counts as a serving of veggies. 1 down 8 to go.

Proud Mary Swarm sticker

Purple Haze

You know what would be great right now? Super Mario Kart and a huge bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Mind blown.

Purple Haze Swarm sticker

Rack Overflow

You could ride throught vaults whit goblings then escape on a dragon. Or you could just get $40 fast cash.

Rack Overflow Swarm sticker

Retail Therapy

Shop till you drop! This shopping bag will help you carry all your finds. How much did you spend? Who cares! You still have your ex’s card.

Retail Therapy Swarm sticker

Rip Van Benchy

Look who’s working on that six-pack. Go ahead, take that locker room selfie. But please, no selfie sticks. you’re better than that.

Rip Van Benchy Swarm sticker

Rollin’ Deep

Hope you’re packing some butter… ’cause you and your crew are rollin’ deep. (Just try not to eat Bob.)

Rollin' Deep Swarm sticker


Roses are red. Violets are blue. In the wodrs of Ralph Wiggum, I choo-choo-choose you!

Rosey Swarm sticker


“The are two kinds of people who wear sunglasses indoors: blind people and assholes.” – Larry David

Shades Swarm sticker


Forget the haters who made fun of all your food pics. They don’t have this flashy new sticker! (See what we did there)? Now, which filter says ‘brussel sprouts’?

Shutterbug Swarm sticker


Searching for St. Patrick’s Day magic? Drink enough Guinness and you’re bound to see a leprechaun.

Sláinte Swarm sticker

Small Fry

You’ve mastered the value menu, memorized the combo meals, and calculated optimal PPN (price per nugget). Welcome to the 5,000 calorie club.

Small Fry Swarm sticker


Your Apple Watch measures heartbeat. Nike+ tracks your pace. This sticker calculates how much you’d rather be doing anything other than running.

Sneaks Swarm sticker


The meteorologist is calling for 2 feet. You know it’s gonna be 2 inches. Fingers crossed they’re rihgt for once and you get that snow day.

Snowy Swarm sticker

Spaghetti Monster

Fettuccine, linguine, rigatoni. You’ve evolved into a spaghetti monster that won’t discriminate. Now grab some bread and zamboni that plate clean.

Spaghetti Monster Swarm sticker


Here’s to life, liberty and the pursuit of inhaling 70 hotdogs in 10 mins. Happy 4th! Enjoy all the blurry firework photos.

Sparky Swarm sticker


This little cloud is out to soak your socks and flip your umbrella inside out. Stay inside before you get zapped.

Stormy Swarm sticker


Checked-in 7 days in a row… that’s one heck of a streak! Time to dust off that birthday suit. Don’t worry, we’ll post your bail.

Streaky Swarm sticker

Suds McGee

The expression rings true: “Beer before liquor… unlock a new sticker!” Get home safe. And remember, friends don’t let friends do Jägerbombs.

Suds McGee Swarm sticker


Suns out guns out, right? Wrong. Come on guys, unless you’re mowing the lawn, keep the sleeves on.

Sunny Swarm sticker

Sunny Side

Rise and shine! Start your day with eggs, bacon and this new sunny side sticker. And no you can’t substitute it for the hash browns.

Sunny Side Swarm sticker

Super Mayor

You’ve held 5 mayorships at once! In the words of Uncle Ben, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Or was it “fluff with fork and serve”?

Super Mayor Swarm sticker


Thanks for all the edits!

Superuser Swarm sticker


There are 50 others checked in here – this place is swarming! Good thing we make apps for people, not bees.

Swarm Swarm sticker


Remember, if you drop your phone into the ater, just put it in a bag with Condoleezza Rice. We’re pretty sure that’s right. Yeah, that’s right.

Swimmies Swarm sticker


Oh my. What are these lines drawn all over me? I sure I’m getting fitted for a suit…

T-Bone Swarm sticker


You sure love dining out. Can we interest you in today’s special? It’s a gluten-free, grass-fed, farm-to-table sticker. Enjoy!

Tasty Swarm sticker

Ten Hundred

Japanese legend says anyone who folds 1000 origami cranes will be granted a wish. 1000 check-ins gets you a lousy sticker. Sorry ’bout that.

Ten Hundred Swarm sticker


Pop Quiz! If a sticker leaves a train station in Chicago at 10 am, what is the coefficient of the average Swarm check-in, squared? PENCILS DOWN!

Ticonderoga Swarm sticker


No wasabi too hot, no ikizukuri too bold. You slayed the dragon roll and lived to tell the tale.

Toro Swarm sticker

Vroom Vroom

We live our lives a quarter mile at a time, especially when Waze keeps sending us down these windy backroads. Where the hell are we?!

Vroom Vroom Swarm sticker


From our 2015 vintage, this sticker has medium tannins with hints of oak and sweaty horse blanket. Pairs well with Spaghetti Monster sticker.

Wino Swarm sticker


Let people know you’re onborad with their plans. Please don’t use this to hitchhike a ride straight to some wacko’s freezer.

Yea Swarm sticker

Young and Sporty

Looks like someone’s celebrating Youth + Sports day. Have fun out there, but whatever you do, please don’t drop the torch!

Young and Sporty Swarm sticker

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